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The evil mastermind INTJ is so widespread in fiction and so typically introduced up in Myers-Briggs® discussions that it’s change into a type of darkish working joke. It may well even be troublesome to seek out fictional INTJs that aren’t portrayed as villains. Worse, that stereotype can assist different misconceptions about INTJ persona varieties.

For instance, some folks assume INTJs are manipulative.

I’m a author and trainer by commerce, so earlier than we go any additional, I wish to be sure we’re all on the identical web page with what “manipulative” means. When you Google the definition, Oxford Languages offers this: “characterised by unscrupulous management of a scenario or particular person.” That’s not an outline of INTJs (or another particular persona kind). That’s an outline of how somebody who’s egocentric and/or psychologically unhealthy may deal with others.

In actual life, nonetheless, we don’t at all times imply pathological manipulation after we describe somebody as manipulative. We would simply imply that this particular person often convinces folks to do what they need or that they’re good at making conditions end up of their favor. On this sense of the phrase, INTJs will be manipulative (and so can folks of different persona varieties).

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Why Do Some Individuals Suppose INTJs are Manipulative?

INTJs are sometimes blunt, easy individuals who can come throughout as intimidating. Many additionally “consider in reality over tact” (to cite Susan’s INTJ kind profile). I truthfully marvel if among the individuals who assume INTJs are manipulative are simply not used to folks bluntly describing issues the way in which they see them and asking for what they need/want.

If an INTJ says one thing like, “When you don’t do your homework, you’re going to fail this class” it would come throughout as a menace, but it surely was probably meant as a easy assertion of truth. If they are saying, “That’s a silly thought, and right here’s what I believe,” that’s not a really good method to phrase suggestions but it surely most likely wasn’t meant to govern somebody into pondering the identical manner they do. Or if they are saying, “I want you to do that for me,” an INTJ is probably going simply phrasing the request within the type of easy manner they’d want to have somebody inform them issues.

Whereas any persona kind will be manipulative once in a while, I believe a number of the occasions when somebody thinks an INTJ is performing manipulative that impression is predicated on a misunderstanding. None of us assume precisely alike (even when we now have the identical persona kind) and we’re not mind-readers. That’s why it’s so essential to take the time for clarifying communication with different folks.

What Do INTJs Consider Manipulation?

So, right here’s the factor that’s “humorous” about this weblog publish. INTJs usually hate manipulative habits. It’s faux. It’s unfair. They’ll often see proper via it. With that being the case, I’m picturing among the INTJs studying this publish getting irritated. Individuals misread them usually, but it surely’s nonetheless received to be irritating to hate manipulative habits and but be accused of doing that exact same factor.

Nonetheless, INTJs may see a distinction between emotional manipulation and manipulation of a scenario. The primary is distasteful, the opposite will be strategic. Management over folks isn’t one thing most search, however they do take pleasure in having management over conditions.

By way of manipulating folks, INTJs can actually be well mannered and act diplomatically when there’s good purpose for it they usually’re keen to supply recommendation, however they hate enjoying emotional video games. They could even actively keep away from conditions the place they’d have the power or authority to govern others. Manipulating different folks is one thing many INTJs may do, but it surely goes towards the deep worth they place on private autonomy, equity, and justice. For a lot of INTJs, emotional manipulation is one thing they merely gained’t do.

By way of manipulating conditions, although, INTJs may see that merely as widespread sense. When you can manipulate a scenario with out taking away others’ free will or imposing your viewpoint on them,  then why not attempt to work issues out so there’s final result in the long run? Strategic, long-term planning comes naturally to many INTJs.

What Are INTJs Actually Like?

What INTJs focus on

Let’s take into consideration among the persona traits that almost all INTJs have. Sometimes, INTJs are impartial individuals who wish to work on their very own or in their very own manner. They’re insightful and intuitive, particularly about info, patterns, and particulars. INTJs take pleasure in problem-solving, planning, and in search of new information and understanding. They typically select careers or hobbies that allow them do these issues as a part of on a regular basis life. With their means to acknowledge patterns and resolve issues, they’re typically nice at turning their observations into theories and predictions that may be very correct.

These persona traits don’t stack as much as make somebody who’s hard-wired to govern different folks. Nonetheless, you would nonetheless meet manipulative INTJs. Whether or not to attempt to manipulate folks is a alternative people make; it’s not dictated by persona kind (manipulation isn’t any kind’s default state). The folks I’ve met who had been maliciously manipulative weren’t INTJs, however there are some manipulative INTJs on the market.

When you’ve recognized wholesome INTJs, you then most likely know that they’re not often manipulative. You’re far more likely to describe them as intelligent, honest, independent, efficient, loyal, and maybe a little intimidating. I’ve even heard folks describe INTJs as “good” or “great” (an outline that will puzzle the INTJ).

The reality is, INTJs are a lot extra than simply their persona kind. All of us are. A Myers-Briggs® kind describes how your thoughts features. It’s just like the toolkit you’re working with or the canvas you’re portray on to construct your entire persona. Understanding your persona kind or the sorts of different folks is a place to begin for understanding, not the top.

So no, INTJs aren’t naturally manipulative. Some will be, however largely INTJs are artistic, impartial, no-nonsense, loyal, pattern-observing, and sincere. In the event that they attempt to manipulate something, it’s often a scenario somewhat than an individual. A wholesome INTJ is way extra more likely to act with equity and assist different folks’s autonomy than to attempt to manipulate them.

What Are Your Ideas?

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