How Every Enneagram Sort Guards their Hearts

Life has a method of throwing us some laborious knocks at times. In an effort to cope, we defend ourselves so we don’t really feel that very same gut-wrenching ache once more. All of us guard our hearts in numerous methods. A few of us construct partitions round ourselves to maintain others out, others search for distraction, and others attempt to disappear to any of their very own wants. Recognizing how every Enneagram sort protects themselves may be an eye-opening solution to perceive ourselves and others higher. On this submit, we’ll discover how every Enneagram sort makes an attempt to protect themselves from ache or heartbreak.

Be mindful, this text is focusing totally on common variations of the Enneagram sorts. Very wholesome or unhealthy variations of the categories would possibly look extra mature and balanced, or extra excessive and unbalanced.

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How Every Enneagram Sort Guards Their Coronary heart

Sort One

How Enneagram Ones guard their heart

Sort Ones have a powerful sense of duty and responsibility, and so they defend their hearts by aiming to be above reproach. If they’ll spot any error in their very own methods earlier than another person does, they consider that they gained’t be criticized or caught off-guard by rejection. Ones additionally crave certainty to guard their hearts from sudden jolts. You’ll discover their fiercely organized life-style, and their propensity for residing in a structured style. They all the time appear to have a guidelines of what they “ought to” do and what they “mustn’t” do to remain heading in the right direction and away from any emotional chaos.

As Ones develop and mature, they study that the important thing to actual pleasure is discovered within the acceptance of imperfection. They study to be kinder and gentler with themselves, letting go of such a powerful want for certainty and management. Mindfulness practices, affirmations, and studying to stay extra within the current second can all assist Ones defend their coronary heart whereas opening themselves as much as acceptance.

Sort Two

How Enneagram Twos guard their heart

Twos defend their hearts by fixating on others as an alternative of themselves. By directing their vitality outwards they hope they’ll keep away from the ache of wanting inwards at emotions and needs which may convey them disgrace or loneliness. For the common Two, each reward and repair they supply to others they hope they are going to sometime obtain in return. By connecting with others and feeling indespensibly wanted, they assemble a protecting boundary between their hearts and potential sources of damage or rejection.

As Twos develop and mature, they study that their self-worth isn’t depending on what they do for others. They develop into attuned to their very own emotions and needs, understanding that they needn’t search for exterior validation or approval with a view to obtain love and kindness. Meditation practices, self-care rituals, creativity, and journaling may be nice methods for Twos to construct up a loving relationship with themselves as they transfer ahead.

Sort Three

How Enneagram Threes guard their heart from pain

Common Threes defend their coronary heart by specializing in their picture and making an attempt to be the “image of success.” Typically this entails carrying a masks or being a social chameleon; presenting an exterior they consider others will discover agreeable, inspiring, or expert. They try to adapt to no matter function is required of them, whether or not meaning being the workplace famous person or the right companion. They’re afraid of displaying any weak point or failure, so that they work tirelessly to current a reliable or in any other case good picture. By doing so, they keep away from the danger of getting somebody see the true them and probably reject them.

As Threes mature, they study that actual acceptance and true belonging comes from authenticity. Step by cautious step they study to disclose their true selves and slip off the masks. Practices like conscious self-compassion, connecting with nature, and dealing in the direction of a trigger larger than themselves may help them on this course of.

Sort 4

How Enneagram Fours try to escape their pain

Common Fours defend their hearts by withdrawing and dwelling in their very own feelings and creativeness. Fours usually retreat into their very own world of creativity and introspection, the place they’ll mirror on their emotions with out feeling judged or noticed. So long as they face their very own internal darkness they really feel they’ll’t be crushed by any outdoors supply. The world of the creativeness provides a reprieve from the onslaught of painful feelings that they may in any other case expertise in the true world.

As Fours develop and mature, they study that their emotions usually are not the one reality, and that actual life experiences give a way of deep contentment. They’ll combine to One and develop into the very best model of themselves by discovering experiences that align with their values. Contributing to a trigger, spending time in nature, and discovering a objective that aligns with a better calling may be nice methods for Fours to strengthen their coronary heart and produce out their greatest strengths of perception, empathy, and emotional understanding.

Sort 5

How Enneagram Fives try to guard their hearts

Common Fives defend their coronary heart by solitude. They are usually introverted and revel in spending time alone, the place they’ll keep in their very own world of concepts and knowledge. Fives are recognized for constructing partitions round themselves, and so they’ll usually restrict their interactions to keep away from any emotional involvement which might lead to ache or overwhelm. By doing so, they’ll protect their vitality and keep away from any emotional hurt.

As Fives develop and mature, they study the worth of breaking out of their shell. This doesn’t imply going to a loopy celebration or socializing continuous, nevertheless it means spending time in nature, testing their concepts in the true world, or interacting with others who share a typical curiosity. As Fives step into the sunshine of expertise and connection, they understand that they’re robust sufficient for the hurdles and heartbreaks life would possibly throw their method.

Sort Six

How Enneagram Sixes guard their hearts

Common Sixes defend their hearts by recognizing any potential threats prematurely. If they’ll anticipate the worst-case situation, then they consider they’ll forestall it from taking place. They preserve their guard up to allow them to be able to combat or flee in case of hazard. They all the time have to really feel ready, and will usually scan the setting for something that would probably go unsuitable. This manner they’ll defend themselves from being damage by any surprises. Self-Preservation and Social Sixes additionally defend their hearts by searching for communities, friendships, or authorities to information, mentor, or defend them.

As Sixes develop and develop into wholesome, they study to belief themselves and to self-affirm their capacity to manage relatively than searching for an exterior supply of safety. Whereas they preserve their questioning demeanor, they develop a faithfulness and braveness about life that is aware of that curveballs are inevitable however THIS second may be lovely. Practices like breathwork, music-making, and mindfulness may help Sixes develop a trusting relationship with themselves as they undergo life.

Sort Seven

How Enneagram Sevens guard their hearts

Common Sevens defend their hearts by maintaining busy and consistently in search of out novelty and stimulation. This manner they’ll keep away from coping with the realities of life which may convey them down, resembling grief or failure. Sevens thrive on the planet of prospects, the place something can occur and every little thing is open to exploration. So long as they know that the longer term is limitless, they’ll keep away from feeling trapped by the pains and disappointments of the current second.

As Sevens develop and develop into wholesome they understand that accepting boredom, ache, and different uncomfortable emotions can convey a depth of expertise that’s invaluable. As they study to remain current with their emotions, they develop into more and more able to processing their feelings and discovering actual pleasure and self-awareness. This helps them to keep away from impulsive choices they later remorse or eruptions of emotion and anxiousness that stem from suppressed emotions. Practices like mountaineering, yoga, forest bathing or meditation may help Sevens really feel rooted within the second and fewer inclined to flee from their discomfort with distractions.

Sort Eight

How Enneagram Eights guard their hearts

Common Eights defend their hearts by standing up for themselves and others. If they are often the grasp of their very own future then no person has the facility to harm them. They’re fiercely unbiased and strong-willed, and search benefit and energy in order that no vulnerabilities may be exploited. No-nonsense and tough-minded, they concentrate on being “avenue sensible” and shrewd. They need to really feel in management and invulnerable, or else they concern that somebody might make the most of their weaknesses.

As Eights develop and mature they understand that the important thing to actual pleasure and happiness lies in utilizing their power to guard others and courageously be themselves; vulnerabilities and all. They study to switch their aggression with empathy and connection. Practices like volunteering, serving to a good friend, or talking out for a trigger that issues to them helps them really feel highly effective in a method that gives which means and pleasure. With an open coronary heart and a powerful will, Eights are probably the most succesful and supportive members of any group.

Sort 9

How Enneagram Nines guard their hearts from pain

Common Nines defend their hearts by going with the stream and avoiding confrontation. The much less noise or disruption, the higher as a result of they’ll then keep away from feeling any rumble of feelings which might in any other case fire up intense ache. When heartbreak does arrive, they have a tendency to distract themselves with their creativeness, with proverbs or spiritual mantras, or with optimistic statements that preserve them buoyed when life’s occasions develop into too overwhelming. Some Nines dissociate or numb themselves to their very own emotions of anger, grief, pleasure, or unhappiness. They “go away themselves” and disappear into busywork or complacency.

As Nines develop in well being and maturity, they study to remain linked with themselves even throughout difficult moments. They develop into conscious of their very own emotions and desires with out changing into overwhelmed by them or numbing out. Staying current and studying to respect their internal voice and provides it an opportunity to be heard is the trail to actual transformation and pleasure. Working in the direction of a person objective, communing with nature, and spending time growing their abilities may help Nines discover the braveness to remain linked with themselves even when life will get powerful. With a coronary heart that’s open and a will that’s robust, they develop into sources of inspiration for the folks round them.

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